The series ‘Best in Show’, documents animal handlers competing at agricultural shows across England and Wales. At present, the agricultural industry is facing huge challenges both financial and environmental. Although the shows are large social gatherings for the farming community, they are aIso important business events in the agricultural calendar. There is a lot more at stake at these events than just winning a few rosettes. The kudos attached to winning the big cattle prizes, can result in significant money from breeding, as well as recognition for their livestock.

Although it’s usually the animals that are the subjects of attention at these shows, ‘Best in Show’ focuses on the people within this community. It is not only the adults who compete, but also their sons, daughters and grandchildren. These future generations share the sense of pride and passion for agriculture and will one day take over the responsibility of running the family farm. 

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Woodward's image of Harriet and Gentleman Jack won the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011