Blessed Be project documents the evolution of witchcraft and its heritage in the western modern society. The research focused on their traditions and rituals show the coexistence of modern witchcraft and its gap between the naturalistic essence of paganism and the practice in the modern urban life. From Eclectic Wicca to Feminist covens, Tarot Secret Societies or Black Hat gatherings, the project shows different evolutions and hybrids adaptations to new philosophies and its correlation with the women empowerment.


This series focuses on the New York Wiccan Family Temple rituals, who practice witchcraft through Wicca, a modern pagan religion founded by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, in England in the 50’s, coinciding with the abolition of the crime of witchcraft and thanks to the influence of their followers — now an official religion in United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Portugal. This Temple follows the Eclectic Wiccan current, using a blend of beliefs and practices from several different pantheons and traditions. Wicca bases his foundation in their ritual practices of magic particularly celebrated during rites of passage, full moons they call Esbats and the several seasonal festivals of the year, commonly known as Sabbats: Samhain, aka Halloween; Yuletide, aka Winter Solstice; Imbolc aka Candlemas; Ostara, aka Vernal equinox; Beltane aka May Day; Litha, aka Summer Solstice; Lughnasadh, aka Lammas and Mabon, aka Modron. This project also portrays member meetings of Moon Church, a Bushwick neo-witch community who lives the practice of witchcraft from a more feminist and holistic point of view to joining the raise of a psychic neighbourhood trend. They state to be community of socially and ecologically engaged women breathing new life into the archetype of the witch.


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