How France learn to fight jhiadist in the desert

Djibouti 2016, never like now the historical French base in the Horn of Africa has been covering such strategic role. Navy, air and land forces with more than 2.000 units are dispatched in this territory to control one of the hottest place in the world. Djibouti is a relative small and militarized country just 20 km away from Yemeni coast, overviewing the Suez Canal. It borders with Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia and its landscapes has similarity with the unstable neighborhood countries.

Reddish desert mountains are descending to endless sandy desert valleys. Training facilities and skillful instructors with temperatures that can rise up to 50 celsius degree. A vaste war playgrounds where troops can be trained and the last war technologies can be tested.

The collaboration with the United States, which has a huge base here too, is indeed. It’s not unusual to see Foreign Legion and US marines troops exercise together.

These 2 countries are in fact together in the front line against terrorism.

In the War Desert School their common aim is to learn how to fight jihadist in their most familiar environment, the desert.

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