Carlos Coste has done what no other human was ever expected to do and earned the Free-diving King title among his rivals. Carlos had gained the respect he deserved in the Free-diving scene.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 2nd 1976, is a world class free-diver and record-holder. He started his training in Apnea and Free-diving in 1996, and got his first national record in 1998.

Carlos becomes the first human being to free-dive 100 meter below the ocean's surface by holding his breath and without assistance. The record was approved by Guinness and was thought to be unbeatable back then.

If you would define Carlos, you could describe him as a very determined and dedicated man. His devotion to reach the unknown and to surpass the limits of any other human, leads him to his next challenge: reaching the -200 meter mark in the No Limits; the most extreme and dangerous discipline.

Up until 2016, he had already broken a few records in all kind of free-diving disciplines exploring new challenging depths.

Despite a terrible accident, Carlos Coste has managed to stay among the top free-divers of the world; Incredibly he has been the first human being to travel 150 meters in Dynamic Free-diving. A new record taken on September 2016 where he traveled 177 metres, establishing his twelfth World record in his career. Carlos Coste, a man that has been witness of very incredible endeavors. A man respected by the elite of worldwide free-divers, not just by his competitive attributes but because of his continuous boundary breaking character. Today Carlos is a 12 times free-diving world record holder.

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