30 years ago almost to the date, on the 19th of March 1982, the Argentinean Scrap Merchant Constantino Davidoff landed a commercial expedition on the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic Ocean. This landing was to be the kick-off of the Falkland War.

1000 men died in that war. The war consolidated Margaret Thatchers position as PM in the UK; was the beginning of the end for Argentinean Junta; and it ruined Constantino Davidoffs life.

This article, originally written in Norwegian for the magazine Plot (with a circulation of 5000 copies) , narrates the story of Mr. Davidoff; of his rise to fame and money and his sudden fall in the aftermath of the Falkland War. The reporter also discusses Mr. Davidoffs role in the lead-up to the war: Was he, in fact, as innocent as he claims? Was he used by powers bigger than himself as the key factor in inciting the War? If so, by whom?

The article, bearing the Norwegian title Trettiårskrigen; The Thirty Year War; leans heavily on written documentation from the period; on Mr. Davidoffs version of the passing of events; as well as the major academic works on the Falkland War.

In the outskirts of Buenos Aires Constantino Davidoff face his every day work struggles; his daily life - and in his organising a nationwide take-over of international; mainly British; companies in Argentina.

For even now, 30 years later, the now 68-year-old Constantino Davidoff is plotting his revenge. Those days in March 30 years ago have marked him for life. Only the thought of revenge keeps the old man going.

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