For the first time in human history, more people live in cities than in small towns, or the countryside. 
Life is the metropolis is tough, and people are feeling the need of finding a better connection between their fast-paced lifestyles and their habitat. 

This seismic shift is also re-inventing the way we will grow, farm and harvest our food in the future. 

From urban bee-keeping on on city rooftops, to acquaponics systems designed in shipping containers, as well as growing crops in underground tunnels using cutting edge LED technology, London is a leading the way in the new world of sustainable growth. No metropolis can match London in terms of the sheer number of ingenious projects pioneering new approaches to food production. 

Each project is supported by it's own motivation, from selling food with zero food miles to using existing technology to create self circulating nutrition systems for plants and animals, but they all share one common objective: the one of providing a sense of belonging to the community and well being to the people who live in the city. 

Supported by the local government or in the form of private enterprises, a small but growing circle of Londoners, no matter how big and fast their city is growing, are marking a clear path leading to sustainable cities. They are not only growing themselves the food they need in the hardness of the urban landscape, but are going back to the rural roots of a community, and are re-establishing a bond with the local fauna in the research for a more balanced and better living environment. 

Their quest is not about sustainable businesses, but about a sustainable life. They are the City Farmers.

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