Photographs from the fjords of Western Norway

”Fjords” is a photographic road trip made on the Norwegian west coast in the counties of Hardanger, Sogn og Fjordane and Geiranger during the past three summers (2013-2015).

The fjords of Western Norway are a particularly dramatic and scenic area, due to it´s characteristic combination of deep fjords and tall mountains surrounding them.

Geologically a fjord is a deep and narrow sea, with steep mountains on three sides. The fjords were formed by giant glaciers during several ice ages.

Today the area is a popular tourist destination during summer. Huge cruise ships enter the narrow fjord valleys, and at certain spots, the passengers can almost touch the side of the mountains as the ships are passing through.  But just as many people travel by bike, motorcycle or car as by boat.

The area offers an international atmosphere, with an interesting mix of locals and visitors.

I became interested in these fjords because of the great sense of freedom and adventure one can experience here. I came here searching for my own personal summer paradise.

There is indeed enough space for everyone, and with easy access to the fjords and the mountains, and a generally positive view towards camping, the fjords has become an affordable destination for many who find themselves living in urban areas during most of the year.

When taking breaks from photographing I have gone for epic bike rides climbing from sea level in the center of Geiranger and up to Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sea level.

I have gone skiing at a glacier in the middle of july, and twenty minutes later I have dived into the deep sea.

In short, the area offers a taste of an easy and uncomplicated life, even though it´s just for a few months time during summer, before the sun disappears behind the mountains and the harsh, dark winter reclaims the landscape.

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