Few have heard of them: they are not criminals, they did nothing, they are men, women and children interned without rights or citizenship. They are the Rohingya of Myanmar, the most persecuted people in the world. Their crime: they are Muslims in a Buddhist country! 

There are wars and conflicts, with trenches, soldiers, weapons and sponsors. And there are eternal nights of hallucinations that you get used to: this is the nightmare in which they are stranded. 

In Myanmar there are about three million Muslims out of a population of sixty million: around 5 percent of the population. 

Of these, about one million are only in the northwest of the country, the Bay of Bengal, in Rakhine, subjected to harsh apartheid regime.

In 120 thousand surviving internees in about forty camps; others are born within the villages, held hostage by predators, subjected to extortion and forced labor.

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