Føroyar is a series about life in remote and sparsely populated villages on the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic, halfway between Scotland and Iceland.

Immersing himself within the community, Faingnaert couch-surfed and hitch-hiked his way across the islands, finding doors opening to him everywhere he went. Here, across swathes of snow-veiled landscapes and bordered by dramatic coastline, villages are slowly dropping into decline as more and more of their inhabitants are emigrating from the island in pursuit of greater opportunities.

Though at times lonely and perpetually freezing, Faingnaert learned to appreciate the small, simple comforts of life – listening to stories told in the welcoming warmth of Faroese homes, the sound of songs against the roaring backdrop of the sea, and his memorable encounter with a message-in-a-bottle collector on the beach.

In these clear and pristine landscapes, where villages with populations as low as ten huddle together on the edge of cliffs, Faingnaert reveals a community hanging on firmly to their roots and coloured houses, while underlining that one day these villages must inevitably disappear.

 © Eva Clifford


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