That summer was a tough summer. The work I’d been doing in art dept. on commercials had all but dried up and I watched heartbroken as my girlfriend nursed her dying mother. In order to give meaning to my days I began walking my dog, eventually reaching Larchmont blvd. and it’s busy shopping district. I started to bring my camera and snap photos of the people I’d pass on my walk. Everyday for over a year, I made that walk and I snapped those photos. It wasn’t long before I began to notice the sorts of details you only notice after a good deal of repetition. I began to spot the regulars and they in turn spotted me. Conversations were had right there on the sidewalk about how over the years things had changed and how some things never seemed to. Sometimes people would shout at me in anger and I would be scared to return the next day but I always did.

Shooting the same few blocks day in and out became a daily meditation for me and began my love affair with LA and it’s various neighbourhoods. Standing as a simple reminder to me that even in despair one can create and that daily practice is everything. 

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