Liberia, nestled on the coastal corner of western Africa, is a small nation that epitomises the idea of persistence. For many decades men ran and raped this nation. They destroyed the country with decades-long battles

so violent and bitter that at times it seemed there would be no one left standing in this forsaken land. But now, as is so often true in the most challenged societies, women have stepped in and are leading the way in the rebuilding of this land that was founded and colonized by freed American slaves in 1821-1822, who sought greater freedom and equality.

 Today, Liberia boasts Africa's only female President. From the purposeful Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to the midwives, from the Ministers to the farmers, from the Police force to the youth, from the ort authorities to the religious leaders, all the women together are determined to rebuild a proud and peaceful state. With a strong woman at the helm as president and resilient leaders on all levels of society, we begin to see a liberation of Liberia....and of its women. What does the future hold in store for this nation, Africa's oldest republic?.

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