There isn’t a young woman among us who hasn’t dealt with issues of self-worth and acceptance. Are we pretty enough, thin enough, fun enough, nice enough? The list goes on. To be labeled as different or other, taken as an insult, is to assume a life of great difficulty and worthlessness. This attitude is buried like a seed early on in every woman’s life. It takes the strength and love of many to counterbalance it. To raise young woman who champion their otherness as indicative of great strength and power. It takes a community to encourage self-love and esteem. 

Miss Amazing is an organization and pageant whose aim is to empower and celebrate young women with disabilities. As a pageant it forgoes the typical focus on competition choosing instead to celebrate differences, promote cooperation and self-esteem. Although the girls sashay in their best gowns and show off their many talents, everyone leaves that day wearing a crown and carrying a trophy. 

It doesn’t take a pageant win to prove self-worth, these young women rise above challenges every single day. Instead it’s a celebration of each other, because they really are amazing and don’t they just know it. 


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