Transnistria 2015

When communism and Christianity go hand on the roadside ...

Transnistria is a narrow strip of land wedged between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. Ghost state, Transnistria, 4200 km2 and 500 000 inhabitants, has acquired the attributes of a state: it has its own currency (the Transnistrian ruble), its anthem, a Supreme Soviet, flag with hammer and sickle . The region is entirely focused on Russia, which she served for two centuries.

This tiny territory, trapped between Moldova and Ukraine, has an incredible amount of Soviet monuments that are still perfectly maintained for the most part over 20 years after the fall of the USSR. Here, nothing was destroyed or unbolted. The communist system has since long disappeared giving way to unbridled market economy to the delight of a few hundred oligarghes ... But these old monuments installed on the roadside and the village squares, are more than ever meaningful to the local population: that they belong to that great Russian power from the Soviet era. A kind of surprising visual syncretism develops especially in this region. To communist monuments are added since 20 years thousands of Orthodox crosses. Religious symbols linked the the reborn of christianity in the region. Political symbols as well, of the strong bound with the Moscow patriarchate and the fact that Transnistria was and should be part of the great imperial Russia.

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