Around 3000 rejected and "non-returnable" asylum seekers live in Norwegian asylum reception centres. They remain in an indefinite limbo situation for several years, without permission to work, no right to essential medical care and no possibility to leave for another country. The only solution offered is to remain in asylum reception centers with no privacy and a daily allowance far below the poverty threshold. They come from countries that will not receive them if returned because of lack of official return agreement or countries too dangerousto return to. After a couple of years in this limbo situation, the majority experience severe psychological trauma and many suffer from illnesses due to lack of medical care. This project is dedicated Eritrean Yemane Teferi who died in January 2016 after 25 years in Norwegian asylum reception centres.

No Man's Land Exhibition in front of the Norwegian parliament from 8th - 18th February 2016.
Awarded Honourable Mention IPA AWARDS (International Photography Awards) 2015


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