For two years  I worked on a photo documentary about Maurice and Laura, the founders of the porn production house “Stout!” who are a married couple with a daughter called Eva. I met Maurice and Laura at an erotic fair and from that moment on, I followed them in both their professional and everyday lives. 

The pornographic world has the reputation of being full of artificiality and kitsch, normally drawing images of pumped up guys and Barbie looking girls. However, during the making of this photo documentary, I came into contact with people with a warm family and a tight relationship who get a lot of satisfaction from their work. The porn Maurice and Laura make is different as it tends to focus on the human side of porn. People are recorded on tape as they are, without any post-processing. Cellulite on the set is as obvious as the ever-burning cigar of Maurice. A humanity that not only exists in the porn they make, but also emerges behind the scenes and in their family life. Humanity and authenticity as a guide for the unconditional love for their work and even more for their daughter. 

However, this does not change the fact that it remains "work" for them. The image of porn shouldn’t be romanticized: the passion on the set will be fake almost every time. The dividing line between real and unreal, the tension between authenticity and the imaginary world of porn was the breeding ground for this series. (Finding) the balance between family life and the working environment was also investigated. 

I want to thank Maurice and Laura for granting me unconditionally and unashamedly access to every aspect of their life, so I could pursue my recurrent goal to capture people outside regular society and portray them in a respectful and organic way in their natural habitats. 

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