Less than a four-hour flight from Europe is the  Senegalese capital Dakar.   Until recently famous for being the final stage of the  world  renowned  Paris - Dakar rally, these days it's largely ignored by  most western holiday makers.  However  the  northern shore of  the  city's  peninsula,  which forms Africa's most westerly point,  boasts  world class wave s and  consistent beginners breaks which peel  onto  wide open beaches  that fade into  the  distant haze  of the city.   

Senegal Surf  is a  snapshot of the surf community  around  Dakar,  where the waves  are virtually  empty, the  water  warm  and the local surf community mellow. Dakar's beaches  were  rubber-stamped  by  Californians Mike Hynson and Robert August in the 60s, as they became the first western surfers to ride  the waves off Senegal during filming of the cult classic  The Endless Summer.   It’s a wonder therefore, that the area feels like such a well kept secret.  

The project was created whilst staying at Malika  Surf Camp, surfing the  breaks off Yoff and neighbouring beaches. The work embraces the myriad characters that live and work around Yoff beach, as well as providing an insight into Senegalese beach life. 

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