'The Riders’ is a study of the connection between lifestyle and identity in rural Britain. Every day across the country, riders both professional and amateur take part in competitive equestrian events. These individuals of all ages dedicate their lives to their horses, regularly travelling to shows and tournaments to compete. Many have grown up in the equestrian world, showing or competing with their families from a young age. The project documents their dedication to the sport, as well as their emotional relationship to the horses and the competition environment. 

The series includes riders from a range of events, from show jumping and dressage, to carriage driving and sidesaddle. Each discipline has its own formal dress code, adhering to the traditions of their sports and in some cases the elegant but anachronistic attire. ‘The Riders’ seeks to explore this diversity, but also convey a sense of unity, which speaks to deeper themes of national and local identities in the British countryside.

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