4 Generations At The Boleyn

The 2015/16 season will be one that lives long in the memory of West Ham United fans the world over, as the Club bids an emotional farewell to their home of more than 110 years.

Now the last match has played out at the Boleyn Upton Park. The Hammers have moved to the new Stadium at Stratford Olympic Park.

There’s a lot of controversy over this big move. People are worried, even devastated that the Stadium surrounded by terraced streets when gone will destroy the sole of a community permeated in football culture. The Boleyn Stadium will now be demolished, and replaced with modern housing.

The project focusing on the E13 community.

Including social institutions like the infamous Boleyn Tavern, Eel and Pie Café, East Ham Working Men’s Club, local shops selling football merchandise and street venders and fans. What is the future for these icons engrained in West Ham culture.

The father traditionally introduces their children to this spectator’s sport, dressing them in football attire. Passing down this tradition forming family bonds from generation to generation. Capturing the spirit of this strong, proud working class community in the heart of East London.

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