Women Coming of Age is a project still in progress. It focuses on women at a transitional and vulnerable time in their lives: not the teenage years that have been the focus of my work for the past few years, but the other transitional, in-between years: the "middle age" years.

The choice of subject for this body of work is an organic and natural one. I am a “women coming of age”, just starting to feel like an adult myself as my older children are entering college and leaving home, my parents are aging, and my roles as mother, wife, and daughter are all being redefined. I have immediate knowledge of how a woman perceives herself and is perceived, and realize that she is often undergoing similar transitions and can be as vulnerable as the young women coming of age that I had photographed over the past few years. It is not only how a woman sees herself and is seen. It is the fact that as she observes herself being observed more critically.

The work is self-reflexive and somewhat autobiographical in nature and shows qualities that each woman, on each side of the camera, brings to it.

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